VOIP (Broadband)
Phone Service
$24.95 per month

Residential phone service is available to customers who have a connection speed of 3M download or higher.  Cost includes unlimited local and long distance calls, long distance to most countries, voice mail, voice mail message delivery to email, caller id, etc.  VOIP services do require VOIP specific phones. 

Web Hosting
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Anti-Virus Protection

$2.50 per month

Online Back-up

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RGV Residential Intenet Connection

With an active landline through CenturyLink
prices start at $39 per month
One Year contract - $115 Installation Fee
Two year contract – Installation fee is waived
Three year contract – Installation fee is waived and you will
receive a 5% discount on the service fee

With NO active landline phone (LOOP Connection)
prices start at $49 per month.

Must pay $115 loop connection before order will be placed.

Additional monthly charges:
$3.99 modem rental fee
$6.99 modem/wireless router rental fee

Additional installation charges may apply.